If you’re like many property owners, you’ll find yourself wondering if you want to be a landlord, or if it would be a wiser decision to hire a property manager. We’ve compiled the top six reasons why hiring a property management company like Properties West 360, is a worthwhile investment:

You Save Money In The Long Run

  • It’s a common concern that hiring a property management company will be too expensive. In the long run, you’ll actually save money! Your property will be better taken care of. You will get higher quality tenants that will stay longer and cause less damage. Also, when you hire a company they screen and interview tenants for you.

You Save Time

  • Repairing, advertising, and renting out your property all take time. Why not hire someone to do that for you? Use your free time to do the things you enjoy.

You Get Better Tenants

  • When an experienced team hunts for the perfect tenant on your behalf, you end up with a wider cast net, a larger pool to choose from, and more diligently screened applicants. A high-quality tenant means peace of mind for you, and a well-cared for property.

You Have a Buffer

  • One of the most exhausting parts of being a landlord is constantly taking calls from tenants. The benefit of hiring a property management company is that you’re granted with an instant and effective buffer from the tenant. No more awkward communications! Let your property manager take that off your plate.

You Make Smarter Legal Decisions

  • Property managers know the state and federal laws that apply to being a landlord inside and out. We can offer professional guidance. You can make better, well-informed decisions as a result.

You Don’t Have to Make Repairs

  • Fielding maintenance requests, especially if you own multiple properties, is time-consuming and takes good organizational skills. Skip the hassle, and let a trusted management company handle that for you!

Although there are some benefits to being a landlord, the downside is that it takes a lot of time and hard work! If you live in the Vancouver, WA metro area, consider hiring Properties West 360 to manage your property for you. We handle all aspects of management including: property research and evaluation, advertising, applicant screening, preparation and execution of all rental forms, rent collections, accounting, and ongoing property repairs.

We’ve been serving Clark County since 1990. We know the importance of integrity, trust and professionalism required to maintain a high level of service. With 35 years of contracting experience and a broker’s eye, we offer expertise and guidance that goes above and beyond the average management company.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and read more about what we offer you as your property manager on our website.