a) Landlord/Mortgage Reference: You will need 1 year recent landlord or mortgage history. Your references, both present and past, must be stable & documented with a third independent party.

b) Employment/Income: One year of permanent, stable & continuous income is necessary. You will be required to provide documentation of your income. Sorry, co-signers are not accepted and only the income of persons who intend to be identified as tenants will be calculated to meet the income requirement.

c) Income Level: Your income level must be two to three times the rent amount based upon required property rent. Each applicant must show enough income to pay rent, required utilities, and their existing debt. Roommates who have lived together for 1 year can combine incomes to qualify; roommates who have not lived together for 1 year must each verify income two times the rent.

d) Credit/Criminal: Each application is evaluated on the basis of a credit/criminal background check. Reasons for denial may include but are not limited to poor credit history; debt owed to a property management company; open bankruptcy; bankruptcy without discharge papers; recent bankruptcy without positive credit history established thereafter; inadequate landlord history; eviction on record; pending lawsuit; pending criminal charges; history or criminal record indicating such tenancy may constitute a threat to the health or safety of others, the property, community or property of others and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.